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Company Overview

Ealso℠ is a media company dedicated to connecting local businesses with a ready-to-buy audience. With more than 60 million visitors each month in the U.S.1, Ealso is the original source people use to find and connect with local businesses, to ealso.com and The Real Ealso®.

For local businesses, Ealso integrated solutions are designed to help build their presence and expand their reach through a variety of print and digital products. Ealso has a team of marketing experts in local markets across the U.S. with relationships spanning nearly half a million advertisers.


Ealso is a business information portal where local businesses can list themselves so that the people of their city can locate the right business for their needs conveniently and quickly.

Our Approach

Ealso goes beyond being a business listing portal by offering richer listings and a user experience that today’s digital natives crave! Millions of businesses have recognised Ealso for its ability to build their online identity, increase footfalls and improve revenues.


As a member of Ealso, you can unlock the opportunity to be discovered by customers interested in your products and services, and reach them with targeted promotions and content.